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Issue 14 of Other Minds Magazine Just Over the Next Rise

by Hawke Robinson published May 24, 2013 12:00 AM, last modified Jul 02, 2015 02:33 AM
Greetings one and all. Slowly but surely, the next issue of Other Minds Magazine is coming together. There are lots of exciting new developments in this upcoming issue...

From Thomas's Facebook page for OM: "It has been some time since I last gave you an update on OM14. It is the most delayed Issue so far for sure. Albeit it is worth the wait. In order to give you a better picture on where we are right now, I'll post updates on the progress."

" First on, the layout will be radically different compared to the Issues so far. We were fortunate to get the support of Susana Barriga - - as someone well versed in audiovisual design. Please also check out - - where she works. It's all in Spanish, but you may be able to get an idea."

"The following contributions are scheduled for this Issue:
- Adventures in Cuiviénen: A series of short adventures set at the time of the elven awakening early in the First Age. Great stuff for the early legends!

* The Marhathiuda: The Horsefolk of Northern Rhovanion
* Mounted Combat Rules for TOR
* You'll see the campaign map for the 'Druwaith Iaur' adventure."

* And maybe more!

Stayed tuned,


Hawke Robinson (quoting Thomas Morwinsky) for Other Minds Magazine.