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Other Minds, Issue 14 published!

by Hawke Robinson published Mar 11, 2014 12:00 AM, last modified Jul 02, 2015 03:05 AM
It has been long in the making, but now there it is. More than 300 pages wait to be feasted upon ;)

You may visit the Facebook page for OM: Here our new DTP chief Susana Barriga had the honour of announcing the publication of #14 "Hey you guys! the magazine/book is finished!! 281 pages designed with all my love ... I hope you like it!."

The 281 pages have since expanded by more appendices, thus ending up at the pagecount found in the "Content" section of this site.

"The following contributions are featured in this Issue:

  • Editorial
  • Inside Information
  • Mounted Combat in The One Ring
  • The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game
  • The Waters of Awakening and the Sleep of Yavanna
  • Adventures in Cuiviénen: The Awakening of the Elves
  • Hope and Shadow
  • Role-playing on the Dark Side
  • A Hope Unforseen - Men from Drúwaith Iaur
  • Marhathiuda, the Horsefolk of Northern Rhovanion
  • Demographics of Rhovanion in the Third Age


You may download the Issue here.

Have fun reading!

For the OM team
Thomas Morwinsky