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Other Minds Magazine Issue 1 published!

by Hawke Robinson published Apr 08, 2006 01:00 AM, last modified Jul 02, 2015 02:58 AM
This is the first issue of Other Minds Magazine. It has been edited from it's original release under the GFDL (Gnu Free Documentation License), to our change to the CC (Creative Commons) license.

This issue has the following content:

  • Editorial - Here We Are!
  • Opinion - The Acroteriasm of Other Hands by Hawke
  • The Battle Over Role Playing Gaming by Hawke
  • Mapping Arda by Thomas Morwinsky,Stéphane Hoerlé, Gabriele Quaglia, Oliver Schick, Christian Schröder
  • Of Barrow-wights by Neville Percy
  • Magic in Middle-earth by Professor Chris Seeman
  • Thoughts on Imladris by Dr. Thomas Morwinsky
  • Maps of Arda (version 1)


Download this issue here:

Other Minds Issue 1 PDF Download Link