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Other Minds, Issue 15 published

by Hawke Robinson published May 08, 2015 10:35 AM, last modified Jul 02, 2015 03:06 AM
Issue 15 of Other Minds magazine has been published. This time we have - beside the regular features (Editorial etc.) four contributions. Please find a detailed list of it in the link below. Happy reading! Updated version available!


  • Editorial: Ramblings from the front.
  • The Road Goes Ever On: What's out there in interesting Tolkien and Middle-earth-related RPG stuff.
  • Inside Information: Some info on things that concern the magazine.
  • Middle-earth in miniature: Chapter 1 - Overview and Hobbits: Discussion and presentation of miniatures made for Middle-earth throughout the years.
  • Adapting HARP to Middle-earth for campaigns in the Late Third Age (TA 2945 onwards): Rules for using ICE's HARP in Middle-earth.
  • Settlements of Rhovanion: Companion article to the demographics of Rhovanion in OM14.
  • A Hope Unforeseen – Men of Drúwaith Iaur (Part 2): The second and concluding part of the great adventure begun in OM14.


You may download the updated Issue here. Enjoy!


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